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Keurig Commercial
Keurig Commercial
HyperChiller® Iced Coffee Maker

HyperChiller® Iced Coffee Maker

• Chills your coffee in less than 60 seconds without dilution
• Chills up to 12.5 oz of coffee at a time
• Use it twice before refreezing (up to 25 oz)
• Compatible with all At Home Keurig® Brewers (except K-15)
• Top shelf dishwasher safe
• Dimensions: 4.25 x 4.25 x 6.75


Start enjoying freshly made iced coffee at home with HyperChiller®! No more waiting around for cold brew, or expensive trips to the coffee shop each day. The HyperChiller® Iced Coffee Maker turns hot coffee from your Keurig® brewer into iced coffee in as quickly as ONE minute. The HyperChiller® Iced Coffee Maker works by exposing the hot coffee to a massive surface area of ice inside the product, while protecting it from getting watered down with two layers of food grade stainless steel - so there's zero dilution while chilling.


Get great iced coffee in just three steps: BREW into the HyperChiller®; CHILL the coffee inside by gently swirling it around for 60 seconds; PO

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