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What's Trending in Iced Coffee

The Iced Coffee Opportunity

March 09, 2018
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Growing Iced Coffee Trend

Iced coffee is the number one preferred coffee format for 10% of coffee consumers in the U.S. 60% of all coffee consumers drink a form of iced/cold coffee at least monthly, and over half (53%) of those in the 'On the Go Trend Seeker' segment drink iced/cold coffee on a weekly basis.

Source: Category Growth Drivers Quantification and Activation workshop, Kantar 2017

High Margins

Operators enjoy high margins of 80+% with iced coffee.

Source: 2015 Technomics Beverage Trends Away from Home, Slide 174

Iced Coffee Forecast

Away-from-home sales of iced coffee is expected to grow 9% annually through 2018.

Source: Technomic Iced Coffee Category 2017

Generation Motivation

Gen Z and Millennials are much more likely to purchase iced coffee for “energy/pick me up” occasions. 

Gen X and Boomers are more likely to purchase iced coffee for “refreshment” or “treat” occasions.


The Coffee Landscape is Ripe for Innovation - Including In-Home 

Flavored cold coffee accounts for over half (58%) of total cold coffee occasions and has a higher share of occasions later in the day.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel US Usage: The Evolution and Growth of Cold Coffee in the US Beverage Market and Where it’s Heading, April 2017


Source: Coffee and Tea on Premise, U.S., August 2017. Mintel