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Choosing the Best Coffee Maker for Your Break Room

February 10, 2020
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Work doesn’t start for many of us until we’ve had that first cup of coffee. But good java isn’t just important to productivity; it can affect morale, too. (Has an 8 a.m. meeting ever been well-received without the lure of fresh coffee?)

Equipping the break room or office kitchen with a quality coffee maker also keeps your team onsite: 36% of employees who consume coffee at work get their beverage from an outside location.1  

Taking the guesswork out of choosing the right machine option for your office all comes down to a few key factors:

  • Number of employees using the machines on a daily basis

  • Coffee and tea preferences among employees

  • Office setup and company culture 

And with a growing number of employees citing greener initiatives as important to them, Keurig is proud to offer the Grounds to Grow On®  recycling program. Used K-Cup® pods are sent back in prepaid recovery bins, which means that everyone’s daily cup not only tastes good, but does good, too.

Need more direction about which specific coffee maker to choose? Here are a few machines that are sure to satisfy almost any business’ needs.

What you're looking for: Back-to-back Brewing. Image of woman on phone next to coffee.

What to get: NEW K-3500 Coffee Maker
Who it’s for: Large businesses
Why it’s great: This machine has two direct-plumbed internal hot water tanks, which means your team can quickly brew one cup after the other
What to brew: Laughing Man® Coffee Dukale’s Blend® Coffee K-Cup® pods, Café Escapes® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods, or over 150 varieties of coffee, tea, and cocoa K-Cup® pods.

The all-new K-3500 brewer makes driving productivity simple. It has an easy-to-use touch-screen and screen-saver feature that conserves energy when not in use, as well as an automatic used K-Cup® pod ejection function: the brewed pods are ejected into a storage bin which can easily be emptied into your office’s Grounds to Grow On® box.

What you're looking for: Small & Well Equipped

What to get: K-1500Coffee Maker
Who it’s for: Small businesses
Why it’s great: This conveniently sized machine packs an extra-large water reservoir and the option to brew an even stronger cup
What to brew: Bigelow® Green Tea & English Breakfast Variety Pack, Peet’s Coffee & Tea® K-Cup® pods, or over 150 varieties of coffee, tea, and cocoa K-Cup® pods.

With a 96 oz. water reservoir and simple LED button interface, this commercial-grade machine is perfect for small businesses, conference rooms, and executive lounges.

What you're looking for: Cafe-Style Beverages. Image of woman holding coffee and smiling.

What to get: Keurig® Collection Eccellenza TouchCoffee Maker
Who it’s for: Large businesses
Why it’s great: This machine can make 10 different specialty beverages like lattes, cappuccinos, and mochaccinos, saving your team a trip to the café
Pair it with: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Dark Magic® Whole Bean Coffee, Laughing Man® Coffee Dukale’s Blend® Whole Bean Coffee, and Tully’s® House Blend Whole Bean Coffee. 

There are some generational differences when it comes to coffee preferences, but you can appease everyone in the office with the Keurig® Collection Eccellenza Touch coffee maker. The bean-to-cup machine makes café-style beverages in about a minute and offers 3 brew strengths and cup sizes.

What You're Looking For: Everyday Efficiency. Image of brewer and K-Cups.

What to get: K150 Coffee Maker
Who it’s for: Medium-size businesses
Why it’s great: With the choice of a 90 oz. water reservoir or direct-plumbed system, this brewer can accommodate any office setup
Pair it with: Caribou Coffee® K-Cup® pods, Dunkin’ Donuts® Hot Cocoa K-Cup® pods, or over 150 varieties of coffee, tea, and cocoa K-Cup® pods.

Easy to clean. Simple to use. Durably designed. The hard-working K150 brewer fits in well at any small- to medium-sized business. Its removable water reservoir can brew up to 18 cups at a time, but if you have access to a water source, the direct-plumbed K150 machine can brew cup after cup — no break necessary.

Brewer Breakdown Chart

Contact a Keurig® Commercial Sales Representative today to design a complete coffee experience customized for your workplace.


1 “2019 National Coffee Drinking Trends,” National Coffee Association of USA, 2019